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Mark your place in the grocery delivery business market using the Happyfresh clone


Grocery delivery apps are doing proficiently well in the market. Happyfresh is one such app that has marked its place in the online grocery market. What did Happyfresh follow to differ from its competitors and pave the way for their success?

To make a remarkable position in the market, Happyfresh followed the following strategies.


The 1-hour delivery

Happyfresh ensures the delivery of the products within one hour from ordering. Who wouldn't want to get their services delivered at ease and quickly as well? This was widely recognized by the users and increased sales.


Collaboration with major businesses

Happyfresh collaborated with many major businesses. This is a smart way of reaching millions of users. In collaboration with other businesses, Happyfresh was able to generate more leads and revenue.


Asset light model

This is an efficient way of running a business by investing in lesser capital. The asset-light model denotes that the business owns small and considerable assets that are part of the business's total value. The total value gets added up by businesses that consider Happyfresh as a facilitator. Happyfresh does not hold control of those businesses.


Happyfresh academy

This is an innovative strategy by the Happyfresh app, where they introduced the Happyfresh academy. It teaches users to shop for fresh groceries and vegetables in the app. Thus, happy customers are highly valued and taught how to shop smartly.


If you are willing to develop a grocery delivery app, use a Happyfresh clone app and make sure that you follow what the strategies that Happyfresh did.


Covid-19 features

While delivering the groceries, you need to be aware that you have a great responsibility in ensuring the safety of your workers and customers. This indeed has to be conveyed to your users as well. You need to incorporate COVID-19 safety features in your Happyfresh clone app features to promote trust in your brand and ensure the following safety norms. The COVID safety features are


No contact delivery

Ensuring social distancing is vital at this time. Instead, you can integrate a no contact delivery system where the delivery executives can swiftly leave the package at the customer's doorstep and inform the customer of the same. The customer can later pick up their order and update the delivery status on the app.


No contact payment

Digital payments have been seeing a significant increase in usage for quite some time. The pandemic has boosted that up. Strains of the virus could last on the currency notes for days, and to ensure safety, you can carry out payment by digital transactions. Users can safely pay off using in-app wallet integration. Payments using credit cards, debits cards, and UPI transactions are widely used. You must ensure that the payment process is safe and secure.


Following safety norms

Wearing masks and gloves for our own safety is strictly followed by all of us. You need to request the grocery vendors and the delivery executives to wear masks and gloves while carrying out their work. You can also verify the same by asking them to upload a selfie wearing the PPE.


Testing the workers for good health

You need to keep a thorough check of the workers' health. Check for the worker's temperature daily and ensure that they are under safe temperature before commencing their work. Request your workers to only show up to the work if they are in good health. Encourage them to follow safety standards as well.


Safety ratings

After getting the grocery order delivered, users can rate their delivery experience based on the safety standards that the delivery executive followed. This helps the admin keep track of the workers and ensure that they adhere to the safety norms.


Grocery businesses are one of the few businesses that will never go out of demand. Because perishable goods will have a daily demand, and you can venture into the grocery delivery business by taking the first step of seeking a Happyfresh clone app development company.

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